Tainted by Blood Squad

Blood Squad‘s new series of shows, Tainted, starts next Saturday, July 17, and goes all the way through Saturday, August 14th.

Bloods Squad presents a completely improvised show in the style of post-apocalyptic plague zombie horror movies.

Grandma? Is that you? Why is your skin on the floor? Why are you looking at me like that? Where’s Grandpa? Is he ok? Wait! Stop! Let go of me! Grandma I think you’re sick or something. Stay back! Aaarrrggggghhhh!

Blood Squad presents fully improvised shows live onstage in the style of horror films based on a made-up title from the audience. For this run they will perform in the style of such films as 28 Days Later, Cabin Fever and Night of the Living Dead.

Saturdays, July 17 – August 14 @ 10:30pm

Odd Duck Studio – 1214 10th Ave.

For more info, visit www.bloodsquadpresents.com.


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