Free Tickets!

Oh, NOW you want to go to our show. Once we say free, you’re all fans. Well, it’s not that simple. Be the first person to answer our trivia question correctly, and win two free tickets to any Human Prop show in December. Or don’t answer the questions, come to our shows anyways, and continue to be someone we don’t hate.

Here’s the question:

The original image for our poster came from what movie?

Email your answers to Wilfred at

Human Prop

Fridays, December 3rd – 17th @ 10:30pm

Odd Duck Studio – 1214 10th Ave.


One Comment to “Free Tickets!”

  1. Congratulations to xJohnB1972x, the winner of two free Human Prop tickets! Check back for more ticket giveaways. Or just go to the show.

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